Both Indian and Chinese armies disengaged from the 'Friction Patrolling Point 17A' in eastern Ladakh's Gogra heights on Friday

Following the disengagement of Indian and Chinese armies from Gogra heights in eastern Ladakh, India is in no mood of letting its guard down. The Indian Army has equipped its troops with modern weapons to patrol the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the region.

India Today and Aaj Tak became the first channels to reach ground zero on the Chushul axis near LAC on Saturday after the disengagement from the 'Friction Patrolling Point 17A' a day earlier.

For the last one year, the Indian and Chinese forces have been stationed on the frontline along the LAC in eastern Ladakh. Indian Army personnel are keeping a close watch on every move of the Chinese Army on the outskirts of Chushul, which falls at a distance 150 km from Leh.

Speaking exclusively with India Today, sources in the Indian Army said they were not ready to trust the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) over Friday's disengagement. Thus, the troops stationed along the LAC were supplied with sophisticated equipment like the Sig Sauer assault rifles, MP9 pistol guns and Carl Gustaf rocket launches.

Sig Sauer: Mighty Addition To Indian Arsenal

Sig Suer rifles, which are made in America, can fire 600 rounds in a minute. It can be used both automatically and semi-automatically.

The most intriguing fact about this rifle is that it never gets jammed. It will function in any type of climatic condition whether it is severe cold, summer or rain. Apart from this, Indian soldiers on the front lines have been equipped with rocket launchers and automatic greened launchers.