Soldiers with guns take part in a military exercise. A screengrab taken from the exercise video

The Indian contingent demonstrated its superb battle drills and excellent firing skills at the rehearsals during Zapad 2021, a multi-nation military exercise in Russia.

Final rehearsals for the strategic exercise were carried out on Sunday. Special Heli Borne Ops (SHBO) were also carried out by the Ghatak platoon of the Naga Regiment using Russian MI-17 helicopters.


A 200 personnel contingent of the Indian Army is participating in Zapad 2021, a multi-nation military exercise in Russia where China and Pakistan are taking part as observers.

Zapad 2021 is one of the theatre-level exercises of the Russian armed forces with the focus primarily on operations against terrorists.

The Indian contingent has been put through a strenuous training schedule encompassing all facets of conventional operations, including mechanised, airborne, heliborne, counter-terrorism, combat conditioning and firing.