PTI leader and former minister of state Shehryar Afridi was stopped at the New York airport for secondary screening. Photograph have emerged in Pak's mainstream media of Afridi undergoing a stripped-down body search.

Shehryar Khan Afridi is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir.

The Minister was forced to go through the scanner at a US airport and Pakistani authorities have been left seething. 

However, in an attempt to cover up this ignominy and save face, the Pakistan embassy in Washington spun a story that said Afridi went through secondary screening only briefly and was allowed to leave without any guarantee being sought or offered.

Shehryar Afridi is the chairman of the Parliamentary Special Com­mittee on Kashmir. His visit to the US is part of Pakistan government efforts to promote the Kashmir cause, according to Afridi.

One news report by journalist Azeem M Mian said Afridi was stopped at the airport for “over one hour” though he was travelling on the official passport. The report said Pakistan Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali had to go to the airport to deal with the situation.

The consul general would not comment about the incident, the report said.

Journalists Saleem Safi, meanwhile, tweeted a picture that showed Afridi being stripped at the airport for screening. The picture turned out to be photoshopped and Safi

Shehryar Afridi said in an interview post this humiliating incident that some elements were spreading fake news because they were unsettled by his US visit and mission, which was to promote the Kashmir cause.