United Kingdom’s spying chief – MI5 Director General Ken McCallum had given simply the words to the common apprehensions across the world that there would be more risk of high terror attacks on the people especially in the west and in the countries already suffering from terrorism impact in the past.

He had said that the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has heartened and emboldened extremists and could lead to the return of major Al-Qaida-style attack plots against the West, the head of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency said.

Pertinent to say that the Ken McCallum had recently met Indian National security Advisor, Ajit Doval in New Delhi and supposedly discussed with him the implication of fall of Kabul and impending dangers from the Terrorist in coming days.

The UK could face more risk because of the withdrawal of NATO troops and the overthrow of the internationally backed Afghan government. Terrorist threats tend not to change overnight in the sense of directed plotting or training camps or infrastructure the sorts of things that Al-Qaida enjoyed in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11, McCallum told the BBC in a rare interview.

The America’s assumed supremacy of American rights for policing the world arbitrarily on whatever it felt annoying it in the name of the liberal order or liberal intervention. The doctrine of liberal intervention that US developed and thrusted and most of the countries reconciling to it has made an acceptance of this new world order.

Numerous countries and world society at large had supported the American’s perceptions and its interventions may it was in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Bosnia and much earlier in Vietnam and justified by all political establishments in US. But the trust lasted just till August 15, 2021 — the day Kabul fell to the Taliban defeating the Americans straight away. America’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, without even a whisper or a talk with decades-old allies and friends, fellow campaigners and members of the NATO, was seen as abject surrender to the forces of terrorism and barbarism. The act is no less then betrayal with friends, allies and supporters who trusting US joined its efforts and entangled themselves putting huge resources at stakes. India, though has a long friendship ties with the Afghan people, has over-stretched its scarce resources and made huge investments in Afghanistan to augment the joint efforts for development and peace in the war-stricken country.

America’s unreliability as a friend was articulated clearly by none else than the French President Emmanuel Macron, who had urged fellow Europeans to develop military deterrence independent of America. America had left those Afghans who had defended the American order for two decades on the ground in Afghanistan to their fates.

US President Joe Biden had let down thousands of Afghans who had worked with them and to whom the Americans abandoned to be like sitting ducks for shooting by the Taliban. World has now realized that American foreign policy is being determined by considerations of American middle classes. The moral high ground of American global standing was conspicuously given up or lost.

Today, the typical western intellectual feels left in the lurch. The US doctrine of liberal intervention has totally died down for ever and the American lost their face before the world.