In total, US and allies relocated more than 1,24,000 people to safety, including 6,000 US citizens

Washington: The United States has thanked several countries including India for their "generous offers" to help in a variety of ways regarding the relocation efforts for at-risk Afghans during critical evacuation operations from Afghanistan.

The United States forces left Afghanistan on Tuesday morning, marking the end of a chaotic and messy exit from America's longest war.

In total, the United States and its partners relocated more than 1.24,000 people to safety, including 6,000 US citizens.

"With support from partners and allies, the United States put together a global network - consisting of more than two dozen countries spanning four continents - with total temporary transit capacity of 65,000 people on a rolling basis, including up to 2,000 spaces to accommodate persons that need longer-term processing," the state department said.

The state department said that the US is grateful to the global network of countries that have provided critical assistance for our evacuation efforts.

"Partners and allies - including Bahrain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom - have helped transit Americans or others to safety," it said.