The sleuths of the intelligence agencies have arrested a Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) from Rajasthan’s Jodhpur on charges of spying and leaking sensitive information of the Indian Army to Pakistani agents.

The arrested has been identified as Ram Singh. The arrested was working in the Multi-Tasking Service department of the Indian Army. Police have recovered photographs of sensitive documents from his mobile phone.

According to sources in the Indian Army, the sleuths arrested him from Jodhpur around three days ago and he will soon be shifted to Jaipur

“The intelligence department had a tip-off that Ram Singh was involved in espionage. The sleuths of various intelligence departments were keeping a close vigil on his activities for the last three months. He was arrested after intelligence agencies confirmed that he was sending sensitive information of the Indian Army to a Pakistani agent,” said a senior police officer.

The investigative agencies, during questioning, have learnt that Singh used to share the sensitive information of the Indian Army with a woman. He had met the woman on social media.

The intelligence agencies have taken the details of the woman with whom Ram Singh was sharing sensitive details

According to reliable sources, the intelligence agencies have learnt that Singh was honey-trapped by a Pakistani woman. “She first contacted Singh on a social media platform,” said the source.

The source further added that the Pakistani girl did not rush in trapping Singh. “To make him believe she was no agent, she started with formal chats for a few minutes initially and gradually both started chatting for hours.”

“The Pakistani woman started getting information of the Indian Army, first asked him about this profile and then slowly started asking him for photographs of his base and other sensitive documents,” said the source.