She was responding to to recently concluded regional level talks spearheaded by NSA Doval calling for urgent humanitarian assistance

India turned its back on the people of Afghanistan in their most difficult hour and instead of empty speeches, it is time to take action, says former Afghanistan MP Shukria Barakzai in response to the recently concluded regional level talks spearheaded by National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval calling for urgent humanitarian assistance.

“We have no clue what India wants to deliver through the NSA meet on Afghanistan. There is an immediate need for humanitarian aid, but it is disappointing that various countries are speaking about it but there is no action”, notes Ms. Barakzai in an interview to The Hindu from London.

Earlier this week, she was part of Reykjavík Global Forum Women Leaders co-hosted by Women Political Leaders and Government of Iceland.

“India can at least send a few charters to Afghanistan with aid, or send them through the Red Cross or other international agency. We are fed up of empty speeches.” she observes.

She points out that India had been a natural ally of Afghanistan, but betrayed its neighbour in the aftermath of the U.S. pull-out and Taliban takeover. She recounts how India cancelled visa-free entry permitted for Afghan diplomatic passport holders when they were fleeing from Taliban.