JAMMU: Former president of Chamber of Commerce Jammu and BJP J&K, U.T spokesperson Y.V Sharma lashed at the detractors of the preliminary report of the Delimitation Commission.

In a press release issued here, today Sharma remarked that some Kashmir-based politicians are trying to create unnecessary confusion by using factually wrong statements to hide their own wrongdoings committed deliberately when they were in power. It is a well-known fact that they brazenly crushed the genuine aspirations of the people of Jammu by denying them their Constitutional rights and gave them less seats in the State Legislative Assembly than were due to them under rules.

Many sections of the society were denied voting rights on one pretext or the other. There was widespread unrest and protests all along but they were brushed aside in order to continue with their discriminative practices and keep their supremacy in political power. There was a wide gap between the seats allotted to Kashmir and Jammu which was not justified by any rule of law.