Today the Indian Army still relies on old technology such as Bofors L/70 40mm antiaircraft guns. 

India has a large inventory of old-fashioned antiaircraft cannons, but there could finally be light at the end of the barrel with a newly issued RfP.

Late last year, the Indian MoD issued an RfP for 220 antiaircraft guns, plus an associated 1,41,576 rounds of ammunition.

The end user is defined as the ‘Indian Armed Forces,’ though the tender document said the guns will replace in-service air defence guns currently held by the Indian Army, i.e. a geriatric inventory of towed Bofors L/70 and ZU-23-2B weapons.

These are mostly used on military installations and in border areas as the last line of defence against marauding aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and UAVs.

‘The air defence gun will be employed for providing terminal/close-in air defence to critical assets.