Washington: On eve of Afghan Liberation Day from Russia, Afghan activists in the USA demonstrated, on Sunday, in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC and at the White House calling for the Second Liberation Day of Afghanistan, this time from the clutches of "Pakistan-sponsored Taliban".

Condemning the August 15, 2021 invasion of Afghanistan by the Pakistani ISI-sponsored "terrorist group Taliban", the demonstrators called for sanctions on Pakistan to protect the world from its active sponsoring of terrorists.

The demonstrators also called upon the Biden administration and the global community to protect the human rights and rights of Afghan women.

Demonstrators were carrying placards and slogans against Pakistan. The slogans read -- Free Afghanistan from Invasion of terrorist groups -- Taliban are terrorists sponsored by Pakistan ISI.

The protest was led by Khalida Nawabi of the organization Unheard Afghan Voices and many activists joined the demonstrations braving the inclement weather and snow.

They were joined by other Afghan activists from the Afghan Diaspora. The activists also demanded the immediate release of women protesters held by the Taliban.

The Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15, causing the US-backed government to step down and the regime faces the challenge of getting recognition from the global community.