With the situation escalating in Ukraine, the Indian embassy advised its citizens and students to leave Ukraine temporarily. Parents are now worried and want their children to be brought back safely.

Amid Russia-Ukraine tensions, India is considering increasing the number of flights between India and Ukraine even as parents of some Indian students in Ukraine expressed concerns over the current situation in the country.

"Discussions are underway with civil aviation authorities and various airlines on how to increase the number of flights between India and Ukraine," sources told India Today TV.

The statement came a day after the Embassy of India in Kyiv issued an advisory for Indian nationals in Ukraine. On Tuesday, the Indian embassy advised its citizens in Ukraine to temporarily leave that country amid escalating tension between Russia and NATO countries.

"The Embassy continues to monitor developments," sources said.

At present, the parents are in touch with the children but are demanding that they should be airlifted and brought home as soon as possible.

"The control rooms in the Embassy as well as in the Ministry of External Affairs are being setup to respond to queries of Indian nationals in Ukraine and their families in India," sources said.

Not just India, but several other nations asked their citizens in Ukraine to return at the earliest. Some countries fear that a war in Eastern Europe could result in a massive refugee crisis.

In Ukraine, people raised national flags and played the country's anthem to show unity against fears of an invasion. Meanwhile, European Union Council head Charles Michel urged Russia on Wednesday to take tangible steps to de-escalate.

Russia said more of its forces surrounding Ukraine were withdrawing on Wednesday but NATO urged Moscow to prove it was pulling back, saying there were signs that more troops were on the way.