New Delhi: "Pakistani Perverts" and "Pakistani Get Out" hashtags were spotted on social media platforms of Turkey after several videos emerged purportedly showing Pakistani men sharing inappropriate videos of women and children on TikTok.

In a series of tweets, Rezvani, an engineer at Technical University of Catalonia, explained how these videos of Pakistani men have caused outrage in the country and have cascaded onto TV and print media.

Pakistani men living in Turkey reportedly shared videos where they can be seen stalking Turkish women walking on the street.

"The harassment videos of Afghan and Pakistani perverts are endless! This time, a Pakistani pervert videotaped the women working in the market and shared it on TikTok. He mocked the cashier by throwing coins from afar," Rezvani quoted a Turkish news portal as saying.

"In Turkey, 'Pakistani Perverts' and 'Pakistani Get Out' are trending in social media and everything is cascading onto TV and print media as well," he said in another tweet.

Rezvani said genuine Afghan refugees will pay the price for these Pakistani men's behaviour. "An average Turk couldn't tell an Afghan from a Pakistani."

He said that there's a good chance these Pakistani men will face extradition to Turkey to stand trial.

"Okay, things are getting hot. Remember the Syrian youths who faced deportation from Turkey for mocking the locals with the infamous "banana eating videos"? Now the prosecutor's office is likely to bring charges against the Pakistani men who shot these videos," said Rezvani.

These videos come at a time when the rhetoric against Syrian, Afghan and Pakistani refugees is scaling up rapidly.

According to Rezvani, there's very little sympathy for any one of these three groups now. "Things could get ugly very quickly."

Reports say that illegal migrants of Pakistani nationality are coming towards Turkey via the Iran-Turkey border which is being seen as a huge national security problem.