The Indian Army is on the lookout for new vehicles and it has released its requirements that might suit the upcoming 5-door Mahindra Thar perfectly.

The Indian Army is attracting tenders to get custom vehicles to replace the existing Maruti Gypsy and the upcoming 5-door Mahindra Thar might fit the requirements perfectly. Obviously, it requires quite a few changes but the Thar, in its regular version, might be a great vehicle to start. Thar, by its design, is an off-roading machine that is capable of conquering treacherous terrains. That is what it has been doing for its entire life. Indian Army needs vehicles that are capable of withstanding harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions.

Mahindra Thar Could Fulfil Army Requirements

Army has the following prominent requirements:

A vehicle shall be turbocharged and power steering must
Carry 7 people along with the driver and their equipment & weapons
Only hardtop
Shall be able to perform well at above 5000 m mean sea level
Only 5 door configuration (4 side doors and 1 rear door)
Lashing points must on all 4 sides for airdrop
MT/AT with selectable 4×4
Mandatory “Inter wheel differential lock facility” on both axles
Suitable for a class 5 bridge in terms of overall dimensions

The total requirement raised by the Indian Army is for 1,500 vehicles which would also be used for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. These vehicles must be capable of operating in snowy mountains, plains, and deserts. That is why it must be transportable by aircraft. The engine design must be modular for easy replacement. The modified version of the Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Safari Storme and Force Motors Trax are other contenders for the race.

However, the Army has mentioned that the vehicles need to be lightweight. The aforementioned SUVs could be slightly heavier which is why we think the Thar could solve the purpose. It currently comes with only a rear differential lock. To satisfy all these conditions, there is a need to drastically change the construction of the SUV. This could include modifications to the chassis, architecture and some other mechanical components. By natural design, it could be moulded into the required vehicle relatively easily.