Indian Army personnel Pradeep Kumar

Accused Pradeep Kumar Prajapat also shared live videos of army programmes and exercises to the spy woman confidentially

JAISALMER: Intelligence agencies interrogating Indian Army soldier Pradeep Kumar Prajapat, who was honey-trapped by a Pakistani woman agent, have stumbled upon some startling revelations. The soldier, who was caught on May 18, was brought to Jaipur for a joint inquiry in which many facts came to light. He was arrested on May 21 under Official Secrets Act.

According to intelligence officials, Prajapat introduced a few of his colleagues to the woman agent and even provided rocket missile launch videos and other important documents to her. He was produced before the court on Sunday from where he was sent on four-day police remand. He is being intensively questioned.

Intelligence official sources said Prajapat deployed in an important and sensitive unit was caught providing confidential information about the army to the Pakistan woman agent.

During inquiry, he told that seven months ago he got attracted to the woman and for her, he was ready to go to any extent. He sent pictures of testing of missiles and rockets to the agent along with complete details.

Sources said the soldier kept sending live videos of army programs and exercises to the woman confidentially.

There was no exchange of money for sending information. The soldier used to talk and chat for hours with the woman agent. They would also engage in video calls, sources said.

Official sources said the honey-trapped soldier even told his friends that he and the woman were going to marry. The woman tried her best to trap 5-6 soldiers but they did not fall in her trap.

Sources said that there was commotion in the army after the soldier was caught. After which the mobile phones of all soldiers were taken away. Intelligence agencies along with army experts are investigating the mobile phones.