The Western media has published unsubstantiated reports of business transactions between India and Russia since Moscow launched its special military operation in Ukraine. India did not follow the US-led approach to the Ukrainian crisis, conveying that it would take decisions based on its national interests.

As India disapproved of unilateral sanctions against Russia, the US and Europe have unleashed an information warfare to pressure the Indian government on global platforms, observe Indian experts.

Sandeep Tripathi, the Forum for Global Studies founder, reckoned that Western media reports and opinion pieces are biased.

"It is the part of information warfare that is being unleashed by the Western Media, particularly on India's stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict," Tripathi said.

British daily The Guardian published an unsubstantiated report accusing India of serving as a backdoor for Russian oil to supply the European market. It was published hours before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was about to participate G-7 summit in Germany.

"New Delhi has side-lined all the tactical pressure since the ongoing [Ukraine crisis] at every platform, i.e., United Nations Security Council, Quad, etc. A divided West is not in a position to pressure a country like India, which enjoys decisional autonomy," Tripathi underlined.

Several Western analysts blasted India for maintaining ties with Russia, citing around 10-fold jump in oil import from Russia since March this year. India has purchased over $3.2 billion of Russian oil at a discounted price.

However, the monthly export-import data published by India's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas refuted the reports, indicating monthly crude oil purchases remain at the pre-conflict level.

"India doesn't believe in any kind of war funding. India's relationship with Russia is based on mutual trust and compatibility," Tripathi added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has categorically conveyed to G-7 leaders that India would continue to do what it thinks is best in the interest of its energy security.

Yogendra Kapoor, a Delhi-based senior economist, said the West has a "diplomatic issue with India's special and reciprocal relationship with Russia".

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby speaks during a media briefing at the Pentagon, Friday, June 4, 2021, in Washington.