NEW DELHI: The drone menace from Pakistan does not seem to end. Now, residents have complained that they spotted two more drones at the Tendi Wala and Hajara Singh Wala villages, both situated along he Hussainwala border in Ferozepur.

This development comes after the BSF reported the sighting of a drone from Pakistan on Monday. Prior to this the Punjab Police had found that 5 drones had conducted 8 sorties and dropped off ammunition in Punjab.

Meanwhile the investigations being conducted has revealed that it could have either been an attempt to conduct an aerial survey or a pure act of mischief.

A source part of the investigating team informed OneIndia that unlike the past occurrences, this was not an attempt to drop off arms. It appears to be either a case of mischief or an attempt to carry out an aerial survey at the border. We will have a definitive answer in a day or two, the officer informed.

The latest sighting was at the Hussainwala sector. The drone was spotted by soldiers of the BSF, who in turn informed their superiors. The Punjab police was then contacted, following which a probe was launched.

The drone was sighted on Monday at 10.40 pm. The drone was flying high and was spotted four times on the Pakistan side and once on the Indian side. The drone is said to have entered at least 1 kilometre into the Indian side.

It may be recalled that the Punjab police had found that heavy lifting drones from Pakistan were used to drop off arms and ammunition near the Punjab border. The consignment was meant to be picked up by the members of the KZF and then transported to Jammu and Kashmir, the police also learnt.

The Punjab Police nabbed four members of the proscribed outfit. Further investigations also led to the arrest of another person identified as Shubhdeep Singh alias Shubh. It is learnt that the five persons had destroyed a drone after it failed to fly back to Pakistan.

They then threw parts of the drone into a canal near the Dhode village. To retrieve the material, more than five divers were pressed into service.

Investigations have shown that these weapons were being dropped off in Punjab are meant to be transported to Jammu and Kashmir. Over the past 10 days, the drones are said to have carried out 8 sorties to drop the weapons, which also include satellite phones.

The heavy lifting drones can carry up to 5 kilograms and also capable of flying fast and low to evade detection, a source in the Punjab Police informed OneIndia. The first clues came in after the police found a burnt drone at Tarn Taran. The drone was burnt down by the terrorists after it failed to fly back to Pakistan.

This led to the recovery of arms and ammunition in Amritsar near the Pakistan border.

There has been enhanced activity by Pakistan especially on the Punjab border. The intention is to drop off as many arms and other material so that it can be smuggled into Jammu and Kashmir for the terrorists over there to use.

Counter Intelligence Officials tell OneIndia that the focus for the ISI is on J&K. With security at an all-time high, it is unable to move the arms through the border. Hence the ISI has been using the Punjab border to drop off the arms. Further, the agency has also directed the operatives of the KZF and BKI to activate its networks and help move the consignment into Jammu and Kashmir. The ISI has been looking to launch a major strike in J&K and hence wants to facilitate the terrorists there with arms and ammunition.