IAF Chief VR Chaudhari with pilots after his sortie in a Sukhoi Su-30MKI air superiority fighter

Indian Defence Forces have been modernizing themselves in every domain and the IAF has now brought reforms in a critical sector, which affects all of its workforce.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has transformed the way it functions as it has introduced a flagship initiative to digitize its critical records under the aegis of the government's Digital India program.

"This pioneering integration will revolutionize the way critical service documents of IAF personnel, both serving and retired, are issued, accessed, and verified digitally. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, the IAF reaffirms its commitment to data security, operational efficiency, and seamless access to information," the IAF said in a statement on Friday.

It is worth noting that the defense sector in India is yet to be fully digitalized and many senior personnel from the tri-services find it difficult to access the various facilities available to them due to lack of digital records.

However, with the landmark move, these personnel will now have a one-stop digital destination where they can access all the information related to their service records - including pensions, financial perks, and other post-retirement benefits like medical care.

"IAF officers will have direct access to their crucial documents, such as the Certificate of Service (COS) and Service Book Officers (SBO), through their personal DigiLocker wallets, enabling convenient retrieval and verification," the statement explained.

It added that the "IAF's integration with DigiLocker signifies a significant stride towards comprehensive digital transformation, aligning with the nation's technological prowess and the armed forces’ modernization efforts."

(With Reporting by Sputnik News)