PAINT ATTACK by Shiv Sena supporters in 2015 on Sudheendra Kulkarni

Kulkarni was political adviser to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He said India should be a good neighbour and extend financial help to Pakistan. Pakistan is facing big economic crisis these days

Shiv Sena has not found Kulkarni's statement appropriate and asked him to go and live in Pakistan.

In order to start a new era of relations with Pakistan, activist and columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni has suggested that India should financially help Pakistan in its difficult times. The former political adviser of ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was speaking to India Today TV in Mumbai.

"Pakistan is facing a huge balance of payment crisis. They immediately need $12 billion. They are seeking help from the US, China, IMF and other Islamic countries. India is a fast-growing economy. We no longer take help from other countries, but we give loans to other countries. So as a good neighbour we should help Pakistan in this time of crisis," Kulkarni said.

Talking about the Indian culture and concept of being helping the neighbour when they are in trouble. Kulkarni said, "No doubt we have a troubled relationship with Pakistan. But to change the strained relationship with Pakistan, India should take a step ahead and create a breakthrough. If we take one step, our neighbour would recognize good intentions and reciprocate."

Kulkarni said that since there is a change of guard in Pakistan, he is optimistic about a positive change in the bilateral ties. "Imran Khan has made some heartening comments about India. Our PM too called him and said India is ready to enter into a new era with Pakistan. These are very important words from our PM," he said.

When asked about Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks in the country, Kulkarni said that Pakistan needs to introspect. But he also added that Pakistan is also waging a serious battle against terror and that can be tackled if India indulged in serious and meaningful talks with them.

Kulkarni also suggested talks with army establishment in Pakistan along with the political establishment, as the army is very important in Pakistan.

"Pakistan has not been a good neighbour but we should not remain prisoners of the past. If we keep talking about the past we could never enter the future," Kulkarni said.

But Kulkarni's statements haven't gone down well with parties like Shiv Sena which has asked the thinker to go to Pakistan. "Pakistan is an enemy nation that is inflicting terror on us and killing our jawans. Mr Kulkarni wants to strengthen the enemy nation by offering financial help to them? If he is so concerned about Pakistan's economy, he should go there, take Pakistani citizenship and serve them," Shiv Sena MLC and spokesperson Manisha Kayande said.