With this, ITBP will have 272 BoPs on the Indo-China border against the 176 as of now

Segregating its attempts to have friendly relations with China from the security strategy, the Narendra Modi government will build a whopping 96 more Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) border outposts (BoPs) along the 3,488 km China border.

The new outposts will reduce the inter-BoP distance on this icy frontier which will enhance operational capabilities of Jawans and prove a deterrent to frequent Chinese transgressions and incursions into Indian territory.

The posts will also help reduce the time taken by troops to travel on this arduous terrain, help in supplies of rations to posts located at the altitude of 12,000 to 18,000 ft, and also help keep a close watch over the Chinese army build-up in tense situations.

Top sources confirmed to TOI that the home ministry is already discussing the matter with the external affairs and defence ministries and the new BoPs are likely to be given approval soon.

“This is part of India’s internal security policy and it doesn’t mean we want any confrontation with China. Plans to increase BoPs have been discussed for years and it’s routine,” said an MHA official.

With this, ITBP will have 272 BoPs on the Indo-China border against the 176 as of now. Officials added that the force will raise nine more battalions (around 9,000 men) for its new posts likely to be constructed in a couple of years. The development comes even as government is making other efforts to provide a comfortable working environment to troops at high altitudes. The home ministry recently approved 54 temperature-controlled integrated BoPs for the ITBP.