The defence arm of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has successfully completed the design and prototype of the Quadruple Canisterised Inclined Launcher (QCIL or Quad Launcher) for BrahMos missiles for the Indian Navy.

The Quad Launcher is designed for launching BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles in an inclined configuration on-board Indian Naval ships. The launcher provides superior firepower as compared to the twin canister, deck mounted launchers and has a capability to support and launch four missiles in a single or salvo mode. The new Quad Launcher is suitable for warships which have space constraints to accommodate a Vertical Launch Module.

At the event, Jayant Patil, Director (Defence) and Member of L&T Board said, “We have been associated with the development of BrahMos missile program since 2000, when as part of the composite team led by DRDO, we engaged with the Russian Federation and embarked on this vast project. As proven partners of all variants of naval missile launchers for BrahMos, we took up the design of the unique Quad Launcher and realised the prototype in 18 months. The Launcher underwent rigorous testing, including by the NPOM specialists, prior to receiving of production clearance. L&T will now take up the bulk production of the Quad Launchers.”

Dr. Sudhir Mishra, Director General (BrahMos) DRDO and CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace said, “BrahMos has taken an exemplary lead in the Indian Government’s ‘Make-In-India’ drive. In fact, BrahMos Aerospace practices ‘Design-In-India’ – the next level of ‘Make-In-India’, which has resulted in the establishment of a consortium of over 200 industries involved in the design, development, testing and production of various systems and sub-systems for the universal BrahMos missile and its various ground / air / sea based systems.”