Multiple Baluchistan Freedom Fighter attacks in last 24 hours has spread scare among Pakistan Army and Pakistan supporters in Baluchistan reports news-communique. It is however, not known if the website which reported the news is affiliated to the BLA organisation.

There was an attack on Pakistan Army’s Death squad members. There was another attack on Pakistan Army with rockets and automatic weapons in Panjgur. Baluchistan Freedom fighters also attacked the stalls that were set by Pakistan Army to sell Pakistan flags and other material for celebrating 14 August.

In previous article Baluchistan Independence Day – Freedom Fighters Blew Up Railway Track we covered the news of Baluchistan Freedom Fighter attack that blew up the Railway Track. Freedom Fighters in Baluchistan continue to fight a war for Independence from the occupying forces of Pakistan.

Attack on Pakistan Army’s Death Squad Members In Kharan

BLA takes responsibility of attacking death squad members in Kharan. It should be noted that Pakistan Army has made death squads comprising of the trained Terrorists and local Criminals to rape Baloch women and girls and spread terror at the behest of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army is using Death squads to burn the villages and abduct and disappear Baloch people, who are either killed or sold for Organ Harvesting.

The spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army, Jeeyand Baloch has claimed responsibility of a remote-controlled bomb attack on local death squad members in Lijje area of Kharan on Monday.

Jeeyand Baloch further said that the death squad members under the supervision of Pakistan army are active against Baloch activists and have been harassing civilians in Kharan and suburbs. They break into the houses and rape and harass the women on gun point.