The current strike range of the deadly supersonic cruise missile BrahMos is 300 km

Possibility of extending BrahMos Missile’s Range To 800 Km

ZHUKOVSKY/Moscow: The upgraded BrahMos universal cruise missile will be capable of striking targets at a range of over 800 km, BrahMos Company Indian Co-Director Sudhir Kumar Mishra told TASS on Thursday.

"We already fired [BrahMos cruise missiles] to a range of 400 km. Very soon, we will confirm that we can fire to a range of 500 km. This will be a sea, ground or air-launched version. Even to an extended range of 800 km is possible," Mishra said.

The flight range of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile can be extended to 800 km, Mishra said. "Technically, there is a possibility to extend the BrahMos flight range to 800 km," he said.

Today, the BrahMos missile’s air-, sea-and ground-launched versions have a flight range of 290 km. "We have already tested our missile to a range of 400 km. The launch was successful," he added.

"Today we are considering getting permissions from India and Russia on further extending the flight range of the BrahMos missile. Technically, it is possible to extend the flight range to 800 km and this is the task we face," he said.