In the continuing quest for developing indigenous solutions to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is ready with technologies for sanitising areas of different sizes

The Centre for Fire Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES), Delhi has developed two configurations of sanitising equipment. These are spinoffs from technologies developed for fire suppression applications, said a Press release issued by the DRDO.

The equipment developed are Portable Backpack Area Sanitisation Equipment and Trolley Mounted Large Area Sanitisation Equipment.

The CFEES, Delhi with the help of its industry partner has developed portable sanitisation equipment for spraying decontamination solution consisting of one per cent hypochlorite (HYPO) solution for sanitisation of suspected area. The portable system can be mounted as a backpack and can be carried by the operations personnel. This system incorporates low pressure twin fluid (air and disinfectant liquid) technology to generate very fine mist. The system is capable of disinfecting up to 300 square metre area. The application areas can include hospital reception, doctor chambers, office spaces dealing with general public, corridors, pathways, metro and railway stations, bus stations, etc.

The Centre with the help of its industry partner has also developed a higher capacity which is carried on a trolley. The system incorporates low pressure single fluid (disinfectant liquid) technology generating very fine mist. It is capable of disinfecting up to 3,000 square metre area.

It has a tank capacity of 50 litres and has a lancing (throw) distance of 12-15 metres. This is useful for disinfecting hospitals, malls, airports, metro stations, isolation areas, quarantine centres and high risk residential areas.

Two of these systems are being provided to Delhi Police for immediate use. These can be made available to other agencies with the help of industry partners, the release mentioned.