by Shubham Deep

Chinese are known for their psychological warfare and show-off of their military supremacy. It is very well evident in the ongoing stand-off in the Galwan valley. It can be accepted that over the years Chinese defence preparedness are advancing with the advancing economy. Having the highest defence budget in all of Asia is one such example. Though still there are some weaknesses that every force have in today’s world. It also go’s with the Chinese.

Despite having the second highest defence budget which is 1.9% of its GDP, the major chunk of the money are spent on salaries of the largest standing army in the world definitely. Then if we take a closer look at the Chinese army formation we can clearly see that it is mostly concentrated on artillery and rocket projectiles. It may give the benefit of firepower but it has its own drawbacks too. Its tough to neutralize an advancing force and firing artillery and showcasing its might in the cameras and firing it in actual war scenarios in rugged terrains and unfamiliar conditions is another thing. The shock of the fire and the heat waves and the shrapnel of the ammunitions can neutralize the soldier more than the enemy.

This was evident in the past wars that every force witness. The rugged terrains of the Himalayas and extreme cold temperatures will be very challenging for any force to deal with. Definitely the Chinese have made a battle worthy tank but India also maintains a sizeable fleet of battle worthy tanks. Our brave soldiers have destroyed the Pakistan army’s fleet of tanks and we do possess such talents and bravery that is unmatched and harder to face. India has the most experienced and lethal mountain force in the whole world. Coming to the next point the missile force that china possesses is a major concern since it can cause a major blow on our side but we too have BrahMos and other missiles and the Chinese knew it that it would also face major damage on its side. India has always maintained that capability.

The major thing that needs to be seen is our weapons are battle tested whereas Chinese weapons are still maturing day by day. They don’t report any failures or accidents or anything which doesn’t mean that their weapons are gods chariot of deaths. One last thing that china needs to face is that it is a rogue nation trying to capture foreign lands and is surrounded by more enemies on all of its side so it cannot ever concentrate its entire force in one area whereas India is always defending its border with no desire of capturing others land. History knows we have always defended our lands with extreme courage and valour no matter how much the enemy is powerful. We are capable and we should trust our army, this is not the war of 1962 where it was a loss of our political will and leadership they never had that courage to face.

We just need to stand with our forces and believe in them. We won't loose and we have the power to win.

Shubham Deep is a contributor to IDN who tracks military and aerospace issues closely