After India's acquisition of advanced Rafale jets, and troubled by China’s aggressive attitude, Indonesia is now going to buy Rafale fighter aircraft from France. French Defence Minister Florence Parle confirmed the deal in an interview, saying that the deal with South East Asian country Indonesia for the sale of 36 Rafale aircraft was finalized. The talks between the two countries were on sale of Rafale aircraft for a long time. Now in South China Sea, the threat will increase not only for the dragon’s warships but also its fighter jets.

Indonesia Is Buying 36 Rafale Instead of 48

France’s La Tribune Financial website had already revealed the deal. But 48 Rafael was mentioned instead of 36 in his report. It wrote that Jakarta is keen to finalize the Rafale aircraft deal with France to enhance its extensive defence cooperation. That report claimed that the deal was likely to be agreed upon by Rafale aircraft by the end of this year.

Negotiations were going on since the helicopter deal

Defence relations between France and Indonesia have only just begun. The Rafale deal was preceded by an eight-figure Airbus helicopter H225M helicopter deal for the Indonesian Air Force in 2019. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Indonesia’s Defence Minister Parbovo Subianto had a discussion on the deal during his visit to Paris in October.

Indonesia Launched A Chinese Warship In September

There is a dispute between China and Indonesia over the island of Natuna in the South China Sea. In September, Indonesia had repulsed a Chinese warship that reached its waters. Since then China had increased the siege around Indonesia. Indonesia is constantly strengthening its military in view of the increasing threat from China in the South China Sea.

Controversy With China Over Natuna Island

Indonesia drove a Chinese ship off Natuna Island. The region comes under the exclusive economy zone of Indonesia. Ships from the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency continue to patrol continuously as Chinese warships and fishermen infiltrate the region. This also keeps an eye on the antics of China along with protecting the aquatic area.

China Wants To Capture Natuna Island

Chinese flagged fishing boats are often seen near Natuna Island. These Chinese government-backed boats are sent with the Dragon’s claim. The Chinese Petrol Vessels are also deployed to guard them. After which Indonesia has also increased its naval deployment in this area.

China Has Dispute With These Countries In South China Sea

China claims 90 percent of the South China Sea. He has disputes with the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam over this sea. At the same time, China’s dispute with Japan in the East China Sea is at an extreme. Recently, the US rejected China’s claim over the South China Sea.

China Is Running A Power Game At Sea

‘Forced occupation’ in South China Sea has intensified. Just a few months ago, China changed the name of 80 places in South China Sea. Of these, 25 are islands and reefs, while the remaining 55 are undersea geographic structures. It is a sign of Chinese occupation of parts of the sea that are covered by the 9-dash line. This line is considered illegal according to international law. This move of China has increased the tension of not only its smaller neighbours but also India and America.