Amid border tensions with China, Indian army has conducted a Bofors gun drill in Eastern Sikkim which borders the communist state in India's north-east region. The Indian Army has deployed the Bofors guns in all the frontlines to meet any challenge.

The Bofors guns were inducted into Indian Army during late 80s and played a key role in 1999 victory of Kargil War. Indian Army had used Bofors guns to push back Pakistani military and intruders in Kargil who had occupied the mountain heights on the Indian side. Watch this report for more.

Bofors was instrumental in winning many battles of Operation Vijay was displayed in Dras in Jammu and Kashmir recently. The Bofors guns proved their mettle in the Kargil war of 1999 against Pakistan by destroying the bunkers and bases built on high altitude mountains with ease and causing heavy damage to the Pakistan Army.

"From a firing pin to engine assembly of a tank, Technical store groups job is to provide everything. This vehicle behind is mobile spares van, through this we provide components in the forward areas to repair technicians," said Lt Colonel Preeti Kanwar while briefing about Army's preparation in regards to servicing and maintenance in the forward areas.

The Army had received the howitzers in May as part of an order for M777 145 howitzer guns. India had struck a government-to-government deal with the US last November for supply of the 145 howitzers at a cost of nearly Rs 5,000 crore.