During his visit to India, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov confidently expressed that New Delhi and Moscow would bypass the ‘artificial impediments’ created by international sanctions to carry out trade.

Lavrov said that Russia will be ready to provide any goods that India looks to purchase.

“Many years ago we started to move away from using dollars in our relations with India, China and many other countries. We used our national currency more and more,” the senior Russian minister was quoted in a report.

He added, “That trend will intensify now. We will be ready to supply any goods India seeks. Our trade and finance ministers will find a way to bypass the sanctions.”

Lavrov claimed that the technical-military cooperation between India and Russia will remain unaffected by the aforementioned sanctions.

He also said that the ties between the two nations has sustained many difficult times in the past and that mutual respect and balance of interests will prevail in this alliance going ahead as well.

“We are certainly interested in having the world order balanced, which makes it sustainable,” Lavrov quipped.