Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar on Thursday described allegations of India's interference in Baluchistan and sponsor of terror as nothing but fantasies.

"I was asked to discuss facts and not fantasies by organisers," Jaishankar said in short but sharp reply to an allegation of Indian sponsor of terror in Pakistan and its interference in Baluchistan.

He was responding to a query at a session on the last day of Raisina Dialogue -- India's premier foreign policy platform.

Earlier in his opening remarks at the same session the Foreign Secretary described China, Geo-political choices made by USA, terrorism and non-market forces like (connectivity and restrictive trade practices) as disruptive trends globally. "And India is the solution," he quipped.

Noting that disruption created by China as positive Jaishankar said certain achievements of China are being emulated. "Today India's presence is also being felt due to China."

He listed US-led Iraq War, Obama administration's moves on Russia and US choices vis-a-vis Pakistan as disruptive trends.

Earlier in the day Describing China as the disruptive force in the Indo-Pacific, Commander of the US Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris, Jr. said all like-minded countries in the region should come together to ensure peace and stability in the region.

Participating in the panel discussion on 'Unchartered waters: In search for Order in the Indo-Pacific' on the third day of the Raisina Dialogue on Thursday, Admiral Harris counted North Korea and terrorism as other threats in the region besides China.

The Raisina Dialogue 2018, themed on 'Managing Disruptive Transitions', is being organized by Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation.

Answering a question from a Chinese participant, Admiral Harris said he has no issues in engaging China too if it is interested in keeping the region peaceful, safe and open.

India's navy chief, Admiral Sunil Lanba, also said the region is facing a deficiency of trust and fear of insecurity and hence there is need for developing trust between countries in the region and transparent inter-operability.

He said there is a change in the deployment of PLA Navy since 2008 though there is no evidence of military purposes in its deployment.

Japan's Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano said it is very difficult to change China's aggressive policy which would make it isolated soon. He said China violated international rules in East China Sea and South China Sea.