Turkish Aerospace Industries' Hurkus-B trainer aircraft

The Turkish Hurkus-B military pilot training aircraft, designed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), carried out its first test flight on Tuesday.

The plane, which is expected to be inducted into the Turkish Air Force later this year, is more stable and comprehensive than the previous version, Hurkus-A, its manufacturer, the TAI said.

The Hurkus-B is expected to go through a 90-hour sortie test flight schedule before induction. The tests also include validation of engine, avionics, stability and flight perfection, TAI said.

The Hurkus-B's systems such as cockpit, ejection seat, oxygen support, landing gears and weight strength have been designed as that of a jet aircraft.

TAI President and Chief Executive Officer Temel Kotil said, "Hurkus-B is 100-kilogram [220-pound] lighter and also faster, more modern and powerful than Hurkus-A. This version was designed as a more stable and comprehensive plane," Kotil added.