A visibly happy bidder walks away with one of the Buffaloes

Government of Pakistan on Friday, September 28 auctioned eight buffaloes that belonged to former PM Nawaz Sharif. The auction fetched the government Rs 23 lakh

Pakistan PM Imran Khan has launched a set of austerity measures in order to cut down unnecessary expenditure that will be a burden on the country’s exchequer. Last week, more than 60 luxury cars were auctioned that brought them about Rs 20 crore.

Furthermore, the government plans to auction 102 cars, some of which include bulletproof vehicles and helicopters being used by the cabinet division. The buffaloes were sold within two hours at the auction, and the bidders were reportedly informed to pay in cash.

Some reports said all the buffaloes were purchased by supporters of the three-time prime minister and they plan to gift them back to Sharif. The bidders mostly were close aides of Nawaz Sharif and PML-N supporters, reported First Post.

Naeem-Ul-Haq, Imran Khan’s special assistant for political affairs tweeted about the auction.

An inspection official, six caretakers were hired to look after the buffaloes. Due to a balance of payment crisis, Pakistan’s economy has sunk by 20 per cent in the last seven months. A deficit of USD 18 billion was seen at the end of the last fiscal year.

Perhaps for the thirteenth time, Pakistan will wait for International Monetary Fund’s bailout package.