HAL Staff Union General Secretary, Suryadevara Chandra Shekhar speaking to the media

Congress National President Rahul Gandhi visited Bangalore on Saturday and interacted with some of the current employees and retired employees of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). However, As per a report by MyNation, the HAL Staff Union General Secretary, Suryadevara Chandra Shekhar, had explicitly denied extending support to Rahul Gandhi in his political histrionics as they consider Narendra Modi as their leader and have full faith in his leadership.

General Secretary, Shekhar said, “We represent the government and will not meet any political forums. We are government employees and represent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. We are pained that HAL has not been given the opportunity to manufacture Rafale, but we have spoken to the Defence Minister about it.”

Upholding individual’s freedom of choice, the Staff Union said that the employees are free to attend Gandhi’s visit but their Union won’t share a platform with him. “Employees can attend the event as it is their individual choice. We will not be sharing the stage with Rahul Gandhi,” states circular from HAL’s Employees Union. Even HAL company management have echoed the Staff Union’s sentiments and issued a circular advising their employees to refrain from attending Saturday’s interaction, as it might invite action under employees’ code of conduct.

The HAL Union has planned to write a letter to the government, appealing it to not abandon the 78-year-old Public Sector Unit(PSU) company and securing a fresh contract from the Indian Airforce with the hope to salvage themselves from the abyss they are staring at.

Amidst all this, Rahul Gandhi met some of the past and current employees of the HAL in an interaction in Bengaluru this evening. Addressing the people there, he continued with his hackneyed rhetorics of blaming Narendra Modi and the BJP for the woeful state of HAL. In yet another blatant attempt to change the goalpost and deceive the listeners, Rahul Gandhi took ouster of HAL from the Rafale deal as Private sector versus Public sector battle and accused the government of allegedly colluding with the private partners to undermine Public sector companies such as HAL.
N Sitharaman had already busted this lie in a press conference and blamed Congress for HAL’s exclusion from the deal.

In a run-up to the state assembly polls scheduled to happen sometime later this year, it is widely considered that Rahul Gandhi’s visit to HAL is just an extension of his political dramatics to target Narendra Modi led BJP in their alleged role in the alleged corruption case in Rafale fighter jets deal. With HAL Staff Union’s apparent support to Narendra Modi, it’s anybody’s guess how many people believe Rahul Gandhi’s concocted allegations regarding the Rafale Deal.

Earlier Dassault CEO had demolished his lies about the Rafale deal A comprehensive article busting Rahul Gandhi’s lies about the flimsy allegations was done by OpIndia. Various ministers of the Government of India, Reliance Group, and French government all have debunked his frivolous allegations but Rahul Gandhi is in no mood to accept his mistakes and concede his defeat.