Beijing state media themselves have revealed how much China fears the Indian Rafael fighter jets. China recently conducted an exercise claiming its so-called J-20 stealth fighter had beaten the Rafale plane by 17.0. Boastfully pricked, Chinese government media Global Times wrote that this proves once again that the J-20 will outclass the Indian Rafales.

J-20 Won Against Rafael: Global Times

Quoting Chinese military spokesperson, PLA Daily, the Global Times wrote that Chen Xinhao, a young pilot from the PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command’s Wang Hai Air Group, killed 17 opponent’s fighter jets. in coordination with his teammates. During this period, no Chinese army aircraft were damaged. However, the Global Times forgot that running exercises and real-world simulations is another matter.

Chinese Propaganda Report Revealed

PLA Daily said in its report that Chen Xinhao flew the new J-20 aircraft for only 100 hours. In such a situation, the question arises as to how such a novice pilot can perform so well against the most regarded Rafale aircraft in the world. At the same time, PLA Daily put a photo of Sukhoi-30MKI from India on the cover of this report. In this case, how can the Global Times say that his J-20 manoeuvred against Rafael of India.

China Happy With Mock Drill Simulation

The PLA Air Force included J-20 aircraft in the Wang High Air Group in 2019. It is the first Chinese Air Force air group to be authorized to fly the J-20. The Global Times also said the Chinese J-20 performed well in mock exercises. Therefore, he will perform the same on the battlefield.

Chinese J-20 Jet Is Dwarfed Ahead of Rafale’s Strengths

According to Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa (Retd), Former Chief of the Indian Air Force, far from confronting Rafael with the Chinese J-20, it is so eclipsed by Rafael’s merits that comparing the two is meaningless. The former air chief says Rafale fighter jets are much superior to the Chinese J-20 planes. Rafale fighter jets manufactured by France were formally inducted into the Indian Air Force in a spectacular ceremony held here on Thursday. This is increasing India’s air power capacity at a time when the country is embroiled in a border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh. The Rafale aircraft is capable of carrying many powerful weapons. Air-to-air beyond visual range (BVRAAM) missiles will be the mainstay of the weapon package besides the Scalp cruise missiles.

IAF Rafale Jets Will Be A Game-Changer In The War With China

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said that if there was a war with China, Rafael would undoubtedly change the whole game. He said, “If the Indian Air Force manages to penetrate the enemy air defences, then Chinese warplanes will certainly be destroyed at Hotan and Gongar air bases. He said there were 70 Chinese planes in Hotan and around 26 at a Gongar air base located in a tunnel built by Chinese troops in Lhasa. Dhanoa said that the 70 Chinese planes at Hotan Air Base lay in the open and had no security.