ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reiterated his resolve that until India reverses its August 5 decision of scrapping Article 370, the government of Pakistan will not hold any dialogue with New Delhi.

He was responding to public queries via telephone.

This was the third such interactive session where prime minister took live phone calls and responded to the questions of calls.

Responding to a query as to why there was no rule of law in Pakistan, the premier said the powerful and the weak should both be equal before the law.

“It will take time for change to take shape in Pakistan. Expecting the country to be reformed overnight would only lead to disappointment,” he added. He clarified ,”I cannot turn on a switch and rivers of milk will flow.”

He once again mentioned and credited Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for establishing the State of Madinah where everyone was equal before the rule of law. He shared the precedent of Germany, Japan and other states who were destroyed after World War II but managed to stand on their own feet within a short span of 10 years.

He bringing the corrupt and powerful mafia accountable before law was the prime goal of his government and vowed to uphold supremacy of law and justice to make Pakistan a great nation.

“To bring powerful accountable before law is a jihad. We will make corrupt political leaders and mafias surrender before rule of law,” the prime minister said..

The prime minister said a nation could not become strong nation unless it empowered its weaker sections, adding that this was the reason he had joined politics and named his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf after justice.

He said the government was firm to ensure socio-economic justice in the country and mentioned that “we are nearing our destination and I will fight these mafias and win”.

Imran Khan said a nation, whose leaders and prime ministers stole money resulted in weakening of the country’s economy. He mentioned that FACTI panel under UN Secretary General revealed that $ 1,000 billion was annually transmitted from poor to rich countries illegally. The prime minister asked the public to report cases of illegal land grabbing directly to him and mentioned that the government had cleared 21,000 acres land worth RS 27 billion from such mafia. He recalled that Pakistan Muslim League leader Maryam Nawaz sided with a land grabber when the government cleared the land from illegal occupation after proper tallying with proper land records. He said reforms in land laws to settle the litigation within one year was applicable in Islamabad and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, however assured that the delay in Punjab would also be taken into view.