The additional troops have been deployed in the Ladakh sector for several months now to check Chinese aggression

In an apparent move to check Chinese aggression, the Indian Army has moved its units responsible for counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir to eastern Ladakh.

"Around 15,000 troops from the J&K-based counter-terrorism formation were moved to the Ladakh sector several months ago to tackle the Chinese aggression," sources privy to the development told India Today TV.

They added that these troops have been deployed in the Ladakh sector for "quite some time now" and would be assisting the Leh-based 14 Corps headquarters to effectively counter any future move by the People's Liberation Army.

In view of China's aggression along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh last year, India has increased its troops' deployment. Instead of one division, the Ladakh sector now has two full divisions, along with additional armoured and other units.

The Indian Army's 17 Mountain Strike Corps recently received a major boost in the form of 10,000 additional troops and firepower to carry out its tasks along the India-China border.

The 17 Mountain Strike Corps is Indian Army's only strike corps that is responsible for carrying out offensive operations against China in case of a war. Its strength has been beefed up at a time when India and China are engaged in a military standoff for more than a year now.

The Indian and Chinese armies have heavy troops' deployment at the border since last year. The formations of the Mathura-based One Strike Corps have also been reoriented towards the Northern border, while one of its armoured formations would continue to be with it.

The deployment of formations and troops in other sectors has also been strengthened. Due to India's tactical operations along the southern bank of Pangong Lake, the Indian Army managed to secure disengagement from the Finger area.

Talks are now on between the two sides for further disengagement and de-escalation from other friction points in the area.