MOSCOW - The police in Thailand detained a man from Pakistan suspected of forging documents for international criminals, including those who were planning to join the Daesh terrorist group, local media reported on Tuesday, citing a source familiar with the matter.

The agents of police, immigration authorities and armed forces arrested Mohammad Iqbal, 51, on Sunday, the Bangkok Post newspaper reported.

Several Singaporean and Indian passports and the equipment for making forgeries were found in the suspect's apartment.

The police have reportedly said that Iqbal is a member of the group that was making documents for people from the Middle East who wanted to enter Europe and Australia and for people linked to Daesh.

In Thailand any forged documents can be easily purchased on the streets housands, whereas thousands of passports are reported missing aevery year.

The flourishing forgery market has contributed to the fact that Thailand became an important hub for smugglers and human traffickers.