The outlets in UAE are reportedly providing jobs to Indians in the country who have a criminal background and are evading arrest back home

New Delhi: Intelligence agencies have warned in a letter to the Home Ministry that Jihadist groups based in Kerala have opened business outlets in UAE to provide jobs to Indians with criminal background who are hiding in Gulf countries to evade arrest back home.

It is learnt that dozens of outlets have been opened in many parts of UAE to provide 'refuge'.

The report, accessed by Zee News, reveals that jihadist business outlets have a team of dedicated volunteers who target economically weaker sections of Indian expats in UAE and start motivating them to adopt Islam.

The forum is also persuading recently converted Muslims to encourage their relatives to accept Islam and collect funds in the name of Islamic 'Daawa' activities. The volunteers are urging them to 'Satya Sarn' in Manjeri of Kerala for further indoctrination in Islam and are reportedly providing them with financial assistance for the same.

"We have input that one jihadist group of Kerala is collecting Rs 3 Crores in Qatar for managing the court cases of Muslim groups who participated in various protest in India. Their members in Qatar are also sending money to Kerala through Hawala Channels," said a Home Ministry official.

Kerala has been a hub for radicalisation and this has been proven in a number of cases that have been reported from the state over the last decade. According to National Investigation Agency (NIA), around 54 people have joined ISIS from Kerala so far.

"We are trying to ascertain how many jihadists having criminal background and those convicted are hiding in UAE and also who are the leaders in Kerala linked to their network," said another Home Ministry official.

As per media reports, the Indian government is considering a ban on Popular Front of India (PFI) for the alleged involvement of its members in murder cases and in the light of evidence regarding its attempts to create communal disharmony.