China hopes to establish businesses in these places so it can monitor the activity of Indian Navy

New Delhi: China is engaged in espionage of the sensitive bases of the military establishment, said an intelligence report.

According to the report, China is trying to spy on Indian Naval bases specifically INS Kadamba in Karnataka and APJ Kalam Island in Orissa coast, also known as Wheeler Island. For this purpose, a Chinese business delegation had visited the Betul Island near INS Kadamba to set up business activities nearby so they could also monitor the activities of the Indian Navy.

Wheeler Island is India’s Integrated Missile Test Range Facility of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) while Abdul Kalam Island is the missile test facility for most missiles of India: Akash Missiles, Agni Missiles, Astra Missile, BrahMos, Nirbhay, Prahaar Missile, Prithvi Missiles, Shaurya Missile, Advanced Air Defence (AAD), and Prithvi Air Defence.

In such a situation, the presence of Chinese people at Wheeler Island can be dangerous for the security of the country. Similarly, INS Kadamba is the key base of the Indian Navy and India’s two aircraft carriers are always present in Karwar. This base is so important that India monitors China and Pakistan in the Arabian Sea through it.

“China is establishing a foothold in strategic areas. Chinese firms have emerged as lowest bidders in many infrastructural projects in India, with the active support of the Chinese Government. Such Chinese Footprints were increasingly being noticed in many states,” said an officer working in security establishment.

In 2017, China Ambassdor Luo Zhaohui visited the World war 11 Cemetery at village Longtong in district Tinsukia, Assam. His visit wasn’t taken for a common tour by the security establishment as Tinsukia is not very far away from China border and strategic assets of the armed forces are deployed there.

“China is making efforts through its businessmen to gain access to decision-making levels in Indian establishments,” said an officer deployed in the security establishment.

Notably, China is using the same methods of intelligence-gathering as those of their counterparts in the US and Russia under the cover of legitimate activities. Its intelligence-gathering is through academics and scholars, business people and intelligence operatives under the official cover of diplomats, defence attaches and journalists.

China has established one such centre in Mumbai and was making efforts of doing so in Vellore, Sulur, Coimbatore and Kolkata for intelligence activities.