Amnesty India was issued a show-cause notice by the ED on the alleged violation of FEMA

Documents have been accessed detailing Amnesty India's business dealing over the past few years over reports published on Kashmir

If you thought that Amnesty India is essentially working towards upholding human rights values, then think again after Republic TV’s two-part investigation. We are calling it 'Kashmir for Profit' and there is a reason for it. Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd is a commercial entity receiving funds from Amnesty International UK for preparing pre-decided reports on Kashmir.

Documents accessed by Republic TV indicates that Amnesty India has received around Rs 5,29,87,663 from Amnesty International (UK) over the last few years to only prepare reports on Kashmir. They started off as a trust in 2010 by the name Amnesty International India Foundation Trust. But they were denied permission under FCRA, 2010 by Ministry of Home Affairs. They resorted to bypass the FCRA Act by floating a commercial entity in the name of Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd (AIIPL). Thereafter, they started receiving foreign funds through commercial route.

“The inward remittances received by AIIPL from overseas is in violation of FDI guidelines. Not just that, they were receiving funds under the garb of consultancy services,” said a top source in Enforcement Directorate.

Amnesty India Exposed

Investigation revealed in the garb of “export of goods and services”, Amnesty India has been publishing half baked reports on Kashmir. More than 50-page document accessed by Republic TV indicates that the content of the report was pre-decided in the agreement that was signed. Take for instance, Amnesty India received around 65,000 pounds in 2015 for a report called “Denied: Access to Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations by Security Forces in Jammu & Kashmir". Under the “Deliverables” section in the agreement, it was pre-decided as to what they would highlight in the report.

Here are exclusive details of the multiple Kashmir agreements by Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd:

1) OCTOBER 2013
'Kashmir Access To Justice' | Rs 41,71,163

2) AUGUST 2014
'Access To Justice Research' | Rs 38,71,500

3) APRIL 2015
'Access To Justice Research Project' | Rs 57,85,000 

4) MARCH 2017
'Access To Justice Campaign Support' | Rs 1,46,85,000

5) MARCH 2017
'Access To Justice Campaign Support' | Rs 1,46,85,000

6) JANUARY 2018
'Access To Justice Campaign Support' | Rs 97,90,000'