Islamabad: Eminent Pakistani scientist and former minister for science and technology Atta-ur-Rehman have said that India’s moon mission was a wake-up call for Pakistan, which requires to follow suit. Speaking to a Pakistan TV channel here, Rehman said, “The Indian moon mission cannot be termed a failure, as such tests by even big and technologically advanced countries also fail. He said failures and successes are part of such missions but those who stick to them succeed at last.” 

“Half of such missions undertaken by even the most advanced and developed countries have failed and only half succeeded,” Rehman added. Rehman said the impression that such missions involve a lot of money is not the right approach, as such endeavours also have their impact on defence and industries.

“India is doing the right job and we should follow it to reach the Moon and the Mars,” said Rahman. Rehman went on to say that the attempt to reach the Moon should not be driven by ego, to be on an equal footing with India, but pursuing such missions will improve many technologies which will strengthen Pakistan’s defence and industries.