BANGALORE: After flying Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas with Rajanth Singh in Bangalore, Air Vice Marshal N Tiwari said, "the Defence minister was very happy and comfortable during the sortie."

Speaking to ANI, the Air Vice-Marshal said, " It was a unique experience. He was very happy and comfortable which was most important for me. We went close to 1,000 kilometres."

"During the flight, I showed him various operations of the radar as well as laser pot, manoeuvring and turning-off the aircraft," he added.

Singh, who became the first defence minister to fly a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, said he was thrilled and called it a special experience.

The 68-year-old minister completed a 30-minute sortie in the morning today.

"I was very thrilled and it was a special experience. I want to praise the bravery of our air force fighters and all the armed forces. Tejas is fourth-generation fighter aircraft and it is indigenous. The first time, I flew this and the flight was very smooth and comfortable. I was enjoying," the Union minister had said.