London’s Liberal Democrat representative Dinesh Dhamija

NEW DELHI: As the European parliament prepared to debate and vote on a resolution tabled by some of its members against CAA, London’s Liberal Democrat representative Dinesh Dhamija on Monday took up cudgels for CAA and called the resolution totally motivated by Pakistani interests. He claimed that not all members were consulted while drafting the motion and that some suggestions for amendments to the motion were rejected by fellow Liberal Democrat MP Shaffaq Mohammed.

“The call for censure has been led by a small group of British members, unfortunately from my own party, in an attempt to create a rift between the two blocs. I say unfortunately because I was not invited to the drafting of the motion as president of the Indian delegation. When I put down amendments to the motion, my pertinent suggestions were rejected,” Dhamija told TOI. According to him, the draft puts the burden on India rather than asking for sanctions on Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for creating an atmosphere and pushing persecuted minorities to become refugees. Dhamija said Shaffaq got the motion passed without informing him and that his objections were rejected. He will put in those amendments to the general body and expect those to be incorporated.

Dhamija said India, like the European Union, was secular and known to respect human rights, equality, democratic values and freedom. He contended that the resolution is meant to derail the EU-India Summit, which PM Modi is scheduled to attend in March.