A next variant of BrahMos is expected to be tested by year-end. It will travel further than the existing range of 300 km and its precision strike ability will be fine-tuned to hit within 1 m of designated target

At the DefExpo here, the BrahMos has on display an existing missile platform that has been inducted for various usages in the Army, Navy and the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The 5th India-Russia military industrial conference was conducted in Lucknow where 14 MoUs were inked for manufacture of spare parts in India for Russian-origin equipment used in India

In September 2019, an inter-governmental agreement was signed at Vladivostok that allows joint manufacturing of spare parts

The armed forces have been facing difficulties due to long delays in supply of spare parts of Russian origin military platforms and systems

The one that is expected to be tested this year is likely to have a range of 500 km and bring down the precision ability from the present – within 10 m radius of the target – to the just one metre. It will have better sensors and tracking devices which are now available after research.

The test will be of the land attack version which can be launched from land to another land target. Such a weapon – land-to-land attack – has been inducted into the Army albeit with a range of 300 km.

The range of the BrahMos can be increased after India becomes a part of the elite Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). The MTCR hinders the transfer of technology for missiles more than 300 km. Russia despite having the technology could not give it to India due to MTCR restrictions.

So far, three BrahMos missile regiments have been deployed in the western sector to counter threats from Pakistan. And fourth regiment is tasked in Arunachal Pradesh.