Pakistan's attempt to "politicise" a humanitarian issue by its "unwarranted" statement on Kashmir during the SAARC nations video conference on coronavirus reflected "very poorly" on it, government sources said on Sunday. The underlying message of the video conference was unitedly taking on the virus, but Pakistan used the occasion to raise the Kashmir issue, calling for immediate lifting of the "lockdown" there to allow disease containment measures.

Pakistan chose to be "churlish" and used the video conference for political point scoring, the sources said. Pakistan sent their State Minister of Health Zafar Mirza who was uncomfortable while speaking, they said.

Pakistan raising the matter reflected "very poorly" on their dealing with the humanitarian issue, the sources said.

Raising the issue was unwarranted and out of context. Pakistan attempted to politicise a humanitarian issue. India could have kept Pakistan out of the video conference, but as it was a humanitarian issue, the country was invited, the sources said.

Every leader responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call, but Pakistan chose to send its health minister which reflected its lack of seriousness. Even Nepal's PM KP Sharma Oli participated a day after he was discharged from hospital, but Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan whose key character defect seems to be "Petty" chose to stay away. One remembers the street fighter kind of speech he addressed at the UN a couple of months ago, calling PM Modi names and branding him and his political organisation as a Nazi, which zealots in the media hailed as a landmark one. However, little do they know how badly Imran's image as a progressive guy had stooped after the crazy speech, if you could call it one. When Pakistan raised the issue, nobody responded, the sources said.

Imran has indicated that SAARC revival process will be dead and buried with his stupidity. Now, PM Modi will strive to ensure the emergence of BIMSTEC as a counter force to SAARC. Without India and its support SAARC is good as finished and this would leave the idiotic Pakistanis out in the lurch in the South Asian affairs. The best they could do is to run for help to their "Mongoloid Masters"

On whether the video conference was indicative of a possible revival of SAARC process, sources said it was too premature to talk in those terms.

Here is what Pakistan is going to loose because of their imbecility:

  • Pakistan reported more than 137 confirmed cases (and counting) of Covid-19 cases as on 16-Mar-2020. This is the highest number in the South-Asian region
  • However, the Pakistani govt is also rumoured to be hiding the actual number of confirmed cases from its general public
  • Pakistan is poor and mostly an illiterate country, its inhabitants not aware of the life threatening virus, its contagion load and the methods of preventive care to curtail infection
  • Pakistan lack of medical infrastructure and an ineffectual treatment regimen are one among the many impediments being faced to deal with Covid-19 as the cases seems to be soaring in the last couple of days
  • There also seems to be complete lack of strategy unlike its neighbours to tackle the menace
  • The lack hospital beds to accommodate new cases is another worry for the Pak authorities
  • They cannot fall back on China now for help as China itself is battling its own massive epidemic. Not much is known as to what is happening in China as the news feed is entirely controlled by an authoritative regime, it is alluded by experts that the infection rate is still dominant and spreading
  • India becomes the 5th nation in the world to successfully isolate COVID-19 virus strain at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune
  • India's medical research and hospital infrastructure is one of the best in Asia. Italian couple were given anti-HIV drugs to treat the virus. This is the first time that this combination has been used to treat the disease anywhere in the world and it was successful
  • Doctors across India have been adopting novel methods of treatment to cure the disease and they have been highly successful
  • Pakistan cannot seek India's help as it botched up a golden opportunity to deal with the crisis by unnecessarily politicising it with the "K" remark as it will not be able to avail any advanced Indian medical facilities across the country
  • Known for his tough stand on Pakistan, PM Modi will take a dogged stance in the event when Pakistan reaches out to India for help if the epidemic goes out of hand

The Islamic Republic is known to act in an irresponsible and callous manner when it comes to India, but the latest guffaw takes the cake as it seems Pakistan is hellbent on committing this political hara-kiri.

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