by Brig Arun Bajpai

Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi had said in one of his rally’s that what has happened in Delhi is not a SANYOG but a PRAYOG. People at that time may not have taken it seriously because PM at that time had mentioned this in passing. However, when the other day Home Minister Amit Shah speaking in Rajya Sabha said that Delhi Riots were an international conspiracy then it can not be taken as a fairy tale. What the HM said in parliament has to be based on solid facts and with necessary proofs.

It was in January this year when Pakistan Parliament passed a resolution that Pakistan will hire Indian NGOs, Media, any body ready for being sold in India for money to destabilise the country. Let me assure you that we have enough Jaichands in this country who will not hesitate in selling their mother for money. The Problem had started from the time Modi Government had come to office and had closed thousands of NGOs who were taking money from abroad but were not disclosing where they were spending this money. They were all pampered by Congress who ruled India for 55 long years (except for 5 yrs of Bajpai Government) before arrival of Modi Government on the scene. Basically, this money gotten from abroad was being used by bulk of these NGOs whose licences have been cancelled by Modi Government, in conversion of people to Muslim and Christian religions. Unlike 3G where a person hiding behind a fake IP could fool intelligence agencies, now with 4G technology this is not possible. Today Indian intelligence agencies have full list of people who were using the Hawala route to get the money from Pakistan including their conversations which have been recorded.

It is common knowledge as it has been reported in all national news papers that PFI, a radical Muslim organisation whose membership is same as was of SIMI which is banned in India , had distributed 120 corers of money to different Muslim organisations to propagate the anti CAA demonstrations like Shaheen Bag of Delhi, in various places in India with free Biryani and 500 to 1000 Rs per day as hiring charges of the crowds specially of Muslim ladies. All this money has been traced coming from Pakistan via Hawala route from Dubai. However, this money came in various bank accounts so it was easy to trace it. The other money for Delhi riots came again through Hawala route from Karachi In Pakistan but since it was not put in any bank account hence was difficult to trace. Intelligence agencies of India have call details where a handler from Pakistan, Karachi was shouting on another handler somewhere in UP that despite this Karachi handler sending so much money to India the crowds agitating against CAA are not enough and that they must be augmented. Also, the GADDARS of India the Indian nationals including Paid media opened 60 accounts in Social Media to trend the Delhi riots and speak against India on 22 February. The Delhi riots lasted 36 hours basically on 24-25 Feb when President Trump was in Delhi to Malign India. On 27 February all these accounts were closed. It is a good thing that names and details of all these anti nationals are with Home Ministry that is why the other day HM Amit Shah ji had said in RS that even if he has to go to PATAL he will bring out these GADDARS.

All said and done it is very clear that this entire episode of Delhi Riots and anti CAA demonstrations in India at various places are the doings of Pakistan and its Intelligence agency ISI. Pakistani PM Imran Khan is going around the whole world with begging bowl to save Pakistan from Bankruptcy but their hatred for India is so much that despite their money crunch and FATF Grey List they are prepared to spend any amount of money to destabilise India. It is time India sheds the image of being a good boy and goes all out to destabilise Pakistan. If Pakistan announces to whole world that they will continue giving moral and diplomatic support to Kashmir, a euphemism for continuing their proxy war against India since 1988, where till date 72000 Indians have been killed, what stops us from repeating the same in Pakistan’s Baluchistan and Sind Provinces? These are low hanging fruits which we can pluck any time we decide about it. With Pakistani economy in total doll drums the time do it is now. Enough of our good boy image which has got us nothing till date. A proxy war can only be won by proxy war there is no other way out.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN