6 Xian H-6 Bombers (Russian Tu-16 ‘Badger') stationed at Kashgar Air Base

Ladakh: On the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the heat between Indian and Chinese forces continues. Fearing the 5 Rafale jets of India, China has deployed 6 bomber aircraft at its Kashgar airbase. There has been a lot of turmoil at Kashgar airbase of China near LAC, it seems that China has deployed all its fighter jets. Questions have arisen that why there is a stir in China? The whole game and all the equations changed with the arrival of Rafael. On July 28, China has deployed its 36 fighter jets at Hotan Airbase in Afra-Tafari. Among these fighter jets are 24, J-11 bombers, 6 Soviet era J-8 fighter jets, 2 Y-8G transports jets, 2 KJ-500 airborne early warning aircraft and 2 MI-17 helicopters have also been deployed.

Intelligence analyst Detresfa has prepared an open-source report by taking photos from the satellite to know the reality of the Ladakh standoff between India and China. These satellite images show that 6 Xian H-6 bombers are deployed on China's Kashgar airbase with two 2 payloads, capable of carrying nuclear weapons. It is also expected to be a missile. The distance of this base from Ladakh is about 600 km. While the range of H-6 is 6 thousand km. In such a situation, it is being speculated that China has deployed these military weapons and aircraft due to the ongoing border dispute with India. There are 12 Shian JH-7 fighter bombers deployed at the airbase, two of which have payloads. Apart from this, 4 Shenyang J11 / 16 fighter planes with firepower up to 3530 km are also deployed at the airbase. China has also recently drilled in the South China Sea with H-6J and H-6G aircraft. H-6Js involved in this Chinese manoeuvre can carry seven YJ-12 supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles.

The Chinese Air Force has three airbases Kashgar, Hotan and Nagri Gurgunsa from where its fighter aircraft can take action to carry out any action in Ladakh. Yet these airbases have limited capabilities to take action against India. The distance from Leh to Kashgar is 625 km, Hotan is 390 km and Gurgunsa is 330 km. They are all located in Tibet at an altitude of more than 11000 feet. The satellite's images may have seen 4 Shenyang deployed at the air base Kashgar of the Chinese Air Force, but at present, China has 250 Shenyang fighter planes which are 2500 km. Can fly at an hourly speed. The plane is a licensed version of Russia's SU27SK, which is capable of attacking airspace as well as land with 30 mm in this fighter. One canon is also installed while many types of missiles can be placed on its 10 hard points.

Earlier, open-source reports and satellite photographs of the same intelligence analyst revealed that China has activated at least 8 airbases or helipads near the border with India, from where it can continue its combat activities. . Recently, satellite images of Chinese fighter jets and AWACS planes stationed at Hotan Airbase in Xinjiang Province were revealed. Shenyang J-8 interceptor aircraft and Shenyang's Falker aircraft have also been deployed at this airport. Apart from this, Shanxi Y-8G and KJ-500 AWACS are deployed here. Actually, this Hotan airbase of China is very high, due to which China is weaker than India in terms of air power in this area.