New Delhi: A video has been shared claiming that Chinese tourists are in Pangong Tso.

Salman Nizami, a Congress leader also has shared the video and wrote on Twitter, Chinese tourists in Ladakh's Pangong Lake. Can someone ask '56 inch' Chowkidar if Indians now need a visa to visit Pangong Lake?

Many others too wrote on the social media accounts stating that the Chinese tourists are at Pangong Tso.

These are misleading claims. India and China share the lake. The national boundaries cut through the lake and this divides into two parts. India controls the 45 kilometre long western portions of the 135 kilometre long lake, while the remaining is under China's control.

Recently China opened up the Pangong Lake to domestic and International tourists. A journalist working for the China state affiliated media said in a tweet, 'actually, Pangong Tso in China is open to tourists at home and abroad for quite a long time. The lake is near the Chinese national highway and is a good place for self-driving travel. We have a resort on the lake here, the journalist, Shen Shiwei said in a tweet.

Hence in conclusion it can be said that the video that is being circulated has been shot on the Chinese side of the Pangong Lake. The claims that are being made on the social that the video has been shot on the Indian side it false and misleading.