The list has been prepared based on the inputs received from the Defence Attaches in the Indian Missions and Posts in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), as well as Africa

In an effort to achieve its USD 5 billion target in Defence exports by 2025, a list of 152 indigenous defence platforms to be exported has been released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The list has been prepared based on the inputs received from the Defence Attaches in the Indian Missions and Posts in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), as well as Africa.

According to sources, “The list was prepared in consultations between the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Defence and other agencies. A list of friendly nations has been drawn up and the items identified that can be exported based on the requirement in those countries.”

What Are Items On The List?

Items including Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles; the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS); Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers; the Combat Management System for the navies are part of the long list of items which has been specially curated for exports. And there are items from many private companies which are not being used by the Indian forces but can be exported. And Communication Systems as well.

There are around 85 different equipment and 47 sub-systems.

There has been a lot of interest in the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) `Tejas’, Artillery guns, Missile Systems, and Helicopters, besides the body armour and night vision devices and armoured vehicles.

The idea behind preparing the list, according to sources, is to help in planning the extension of Line of Credits, or different financing options that can be extended to the countries which are interested.

Besides, the private sector companies, the Ministry of Defence is expecting that such a list will make it easier for the DAs to be in touch with the purchasing authorities in those countries and to keep the Industry aware of the tenders being posted.

Financial Express Online has reported earlier that some ASEAN nations, Middle East countries as well as from South America and Africa have expressed interest in the BrahMos and Akash Missile system.

Land Systems

The list has the ATAGS and the K-9 Vajra Howitzer which is already in service, there is the 155mm/52 Calibre towed gun and Garuda 105 lightweight field gun — the latter two have been manufactured by the private sector company Bharat Forge.

There are Mine protected vehicles, multi-mode hand grenades, different kinds of ballistic protection as well as combat helmets and vests manufactured by private firm MKU which are currently being exported to 100 countries across the globe. There are military vehicles being manufactured by Ashok Leyland.

Naval Platforms

In the export list there are patrol and interceptor boats, Landing Craft Utility – these are used in not only transporting troops but also more moving stores and materiel. And also anti-submarine warfare corvettes which are being made by a government owned shipyard.

Other products on the list include rocket launchers, Combat Management Systems, Coastal and Surveillance systems as well as lightweight and heavyweight torpedoes, and naval 30 mm guns.

Air Systems

While the LCA has already attracted a lot of global attraction, the Department of Defence Production list also has the Light Combat Helicopter which is awaiting orders from the Indian Air Force as well as the Indian Army.

Importance of IOR & Africa

Last year, as reported by Financial Express Online earlier, at the DefExpo in Lucknow, the first-ever India-African Defence Ministers’ conclave was organized. There were defence ministers as well as top officials who had attended the conference.

This year, India hosted the Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers’ Conclave on the sidelines of the recently concluded Aero India 2021. The theme of the conclave was mainly focused on ‘Enhanced Peace, Security and Cooperation within the Indian Ocean’.

Almost 18 countries from the region were physically present — Maldives, Comoros, Iran and Madagascar, Australia, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kuwait and Myanmar and others.