Indian Air Force (IAF) continues to deploy its transport fleet to airlift Oxygen tankers and carry them across the globe and within the country

Giving an update on the airlifts so far, according to the IAF, IL-76 is bringing 2 cryogenic oxygen containers from Jakarta, Indonesia, and then fly to Jamnagar (India).

Overseas Missions

Giving an update on the airlifts so far, according to the IAF, IL-76 is bringing 2 cryogenic oxygen containers from Jakarta, Indonesia, and then fly to Jamnagar (India). Another IL-76 is transporting 3 containers from Singapore to Panagarh. From Bordeaux, France to Hindan, a C-17 is flying in with Oxygen generators. Also C-17 is coming and on another C17 4 oxygen containers from Amsterdam to Panagarh.

Across The Country

Until Monday, (May 10, 2021) C-17 airlifted 4 Oxygen tankers from Vijayawada to Bhubaneswar, 2 from Lucknow to Ranchi, 2 from Bhopal to Ranchi, 4 oxygen tankers from Nagpur to Bhubaneswar, and 2 from Yelahanka to Bhubaneswar.

Also, IAF’s C-17s are in the process of transporting 2 from Agra to Jamnagar, 3 from Hindan to Bhubaneswar, 4 oxygen tankers from Chandigarh to Ranchi, 6 from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar, and 4 from Gwalior, Bhopal and Chennai to Ranchi and Jamnagar.

HAL Sets Up A COVID Care Hospital In Lucknow

COVID Care Hospital has been set up under HAL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Haj House, Lucknow. This 255 bedded COVID Care Hospital set up in a short span of time was handed over to the authorities in the presence of the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath and other senior officers of HAL.

What Facilities Are Provided?

Open to taking patients now, the facility has 130 beds with oxygen support, 25 ventilators and 100 High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC).

This facility where the technical support is being provided by HAL will be managed by the state Government through Care India, an NGO and a charity organization.

Role of HAL

It played a very important role in the procurement, installation and commissioning of the infrastructure process. And it will ensure the maintenance and servicing of all the critical machines including Multi Para Display Monitors for ICU beds, CCTV monitoring system, X-Ray machines, nebulizers, oxy-meters, wheel chair, stretchers, BP monitors. Also ECG machine, bio chemistry analyser, incubator, serum electrolyte analyser, cell counter etc.

Role of the UP Government

It will be involved in the hospital operations and management through Care India. And the focus will be on logistic and management of oxygen refilling, medicine availability, and hospital consumables. A MoU for setting up this COVID-Care facility was inked earlier between Sanjay Kumar Garg, General Manager, HAL, Lucknow and Sanjay Bhatnagar, Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow.

Another Arab Nation Sends Relief Materials To India

Reflecting Egypt’s solidarity with India as it battles against COVID-19, Egypt under the directives of President Abdelfattah Elsisi, has sent 30 tons of medical relief supplies. The consignment was received in New Delhi by Dr Heba Elmarassi, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to India, and senior officers from the Ministry of External Affairs.

What Has Egypt Sent?

On board of three Egyptian Air Forces flights, there are 300 Oxygen Cylinders; 50 Oxygen Concentrators; 8000 Remdesivir vials; 30 Defibrillators shock; 20 Electrocardiograms; 20 ventilators; 100 patient beds; 50 syringe pumps; and 50 infusion pumps. In an official statement issued by the Embassy of Egypt in New Delhi, Ambassador Dr Heba Elmarassi while receiving the aid consignment talked about the historical and strategic ties between the two countries.

“Egypt stands with India in the fight against Coronavirus. There is no mean for any nation to survive this battle without the support of others, and the whole world is going through a tough time for nearly a year and half, during which we are fighting for humanity sincerely and diligently against COVID-19 pandemic.”