A massive jump has been taken by India when it comes to space Start-Ups, with the number crossing the 100-mark in 2022

The Economic Survey 2021-2022 on January 31 showed that India has witnessed a huge growth in the space sector over the last decade, with the number of space Start-Ups increasing at a rapid rate as compared to 2012.

According to the survey, the number of Start-Ups working in the space sector has increased to 47 in 2021, as compared to 1 in 2012. This brings the total number of space Start-Ups in the country up to 101, indicating a massive growth in the industry.

In an effort to further boost the development of the space sector in the country, the Centre in June 2020 started enabling the participation of private firms in the entire gamut of space activities. New Space India Limited, which is India's first space public sector undertaking (PSU) was then set up.

The NSIL has now been given the authority to build, launch, own and operate the satellite and provide services to its customers. NSIL also assists the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) with several launches and other space missions.

According to the data released by ISRO, the number of space Start-Ups launched in 2012, 2013, and 2014 was 1, while three Start-Ups were launched in 2015. The first massive increase noted was in 2019, while over 45 space-based Start-Ups were registered in 2021.

Number of Start-Ups in the space sector

2012 – 1 Start-Up
2013 – 1 Start-Up
2014 – 1 Start-Up
2015 – 3 Start-Ups
2016 – 1 Start-Up
2017 – 8 Start-Ups
2018 – 7 Start-Ups
2019 – 11 Start-Ups
2020 – 21 Start-Ups
2021 – 47 Start-Ups

Total – 101 Start-Ups

Further, ISRO has also launched the first space mission of 2022 on February 14, which involves the launching of three satellites into space. In this mission, the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-04) onboard the PSLV C-52 rocket.

Apart from the EOS-04 launch, a student satellite INSPIRESat and a spacecraft dubbed INSAT-2DT were also launched into space aboard the PSLV vehicle. The launch took place at 5:59 am today, and was live-streamed by ISRO on social media.