New Delhi: Defence Ministry on Tuesday approved Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) projects which would give a significant boost to the Indian Army's firepower as Guided Extended Range ammunition along with area denial munition rockets for Pinaka rocket launchers were cleared by it.

"The proposals approved by Defence Acquisition Council include three proposals of the Indian Army including Guided Extended Range Rocket Ammunition, Area Denial Munition Type I and Infantry Combat Vehicle - Command," the Defence Ministry said.

All three of these products have been designed and developed by DRDO. The total value of these three proposals is Rs 8,599 crore, they said.

The Guided Extended Range Rocket Ammunition has a range of 75 km with an accuracy of 40 meters.

The Aerial Denial Munition Type-I Rocket Ammunition contains dual-purpose submunitions that are capable of neutralizing both tanks and armoured personnel carriers as well as vehicle entrenched troops, the Ministry said.

The Infantry Combat Vehicle - Command is equipped with technology to collect, disseminate, share and present real-time information to commanders to facilitate quick decision-making for the execution of tasks.